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Database Offline | All Entities Affected

Jul 25 at 05:13am EDT
Affected services
RickyJS Database

Jul 25 at 07:04am EDT

Database has recovered successfully, HOWEVER this is the backup from 5/24/2022, Any Data from after that date is GONE, I cant do anything about that and I apologize for any and all inconveniences

Jul 25 at 06:53am EDT

Database seems to be online and functional, We will be monitoring statistics.

Jul 25 at 06:02am EDT

Database is failing to authenticate with all RickyJS Entities. We are looking into it now.

Jul 25 at 05:19am EDT

Database is backing up, Please allow up-to 1 hour for all changes to successfully take affect.

Jul 25 at 05:13am EDT

So somehow 2 days ago Status Notifier Database reset.. I only found out 4 hours ago..

I am about to bring in a backup, however that backup is from May 24th, It's a few months behind but its the best I can do...

I am so sorry, I have absolutely no clue how this even happened..